Sunday, February 1, 2015


We've lived in our building for just about 7 years. Among the many things we basically take for granted is our power never, ever goes out. Not only is that a seldom issue in the City of Angeles in general, but we live literally next door to the headquarters of the Department of Water and Power. 

It has been announced all week that the power will be out from 1-7 am. That said, had it not been for our fabulous security guard reminding me tonight when I got the mail, I would have forgotten. Never mind staring at the posting every time I was on the elevator. 

Now, I am in a panic. What to do? How to set up? Mac and I supposedly have this place pretty damn earthquake prepared. Those coming from utilities are taught to be over zealous about such things. That said, I am not happy with how many flashlights, or more significantly, their quality throughout the place. At the end of the day, we really lack candles. 

I'm exhausted. I woke up at 5:15 am, tossing and turning until I caved in and got up at 6. I've been dealing with getting my husband out of the hospital on on to his next transition all the way up to my return home at 11:30 pm. I spent almost 4 hours at CVS Pharmacy and our issues aren't complete. The insurance battles start early Monday. Easy for me just to curl up in bed. However, I have an Airbnb guest who is out on the town. Talk about liability. Someone out having fun, coming in late, in the dark, and going up our staircase...

This too shall pass. Hopefully without ambulances or lawsuits. It's not too cold out, so lack of heat won't matter. In fact, our thermostat is all messed up and it's most often too hot late at night upstairs. If I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, maybe I'll just follow Garnet's lead and pee on the bed. In the morning, I can clean it up. Lord knows I am well versed on doing so now...

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