Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The 2015 Journey. Ending the insanity. #3.

My husband and I talked about All Saint's Pasadena, my new, and perhaps our new church, after I attended services Sunday. Each Sunday, they have tables set up in their courtyard for different organizations within the church, calls to action, welcome bags for newbies and more. I had yet to get my newbie bag, so I stopped and picked it up. I also went and asked about the upcoming New Member class, which I mentioned in the last blog post.

I threw out the idea of the New Member class. I said I wasn't really sure. 7 Sunday nights is a lot. But, maybe it would be worth it. It's a mighty large parish. They have many ministries. While we were married by an Episcopal Priest and I consider myself to be Episcopalian more than anything else, I haven't really been part of the church before now and was raised Catholic. I call things incorrectly. I am not going to mass now. I don't refer to Father, especially if it's a female...

I have tried to go to church at least on Christmas Eve for most of our going on 11 years together. It has happened a few times, all at Episcopal Churches. Once at All Saint's. But, it was a struggle to outright fight every time with my husband.

Times have changed. I just threw the idea of this class out there and before 10 AM on Monday, we were registered. He took the initiative.

The LGBT group has a lunch this Sunday. He immediately went and sent an RSVP for us.

He calendared our going to the 11:15 service this Sunday.

So, this Sunday, I will spend perhaps more church activity time with my husband than we have in over a decade together.

It is definitely a new year.

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